• How can I join the conference for the first time?

    1. Follow this link.2. Click LOG IN and enter the email you’ve registered for.3. Ask PINE for a “magic link” and you’ll be sent access to your email.
    ️IMPORTANT: for the best experience, please, use the Google Chrome browser.If you have any trouble with logging in — shoot us a message!

  • How can I join the event using a mobile app?

    To access the event using our mobile app, you need to download it first. The application is available for installation in the App Store, Google Play, and AppGallery.Please make sure that you have downloaded the latest app version.When the app is downloaded, you can go through the link in the invitation email and then register your account on the platform.
    ️IMPORTANT: In case you do not have an invitation email or the event code, please contact the organizer of the event.

  • I do not see the event after clicking on the event link. What should I do?

    1. Check your email. Make sure it matches the one you used when registering for the event or purchasing tickets.
    2. Another reason, perhaps, you need to enter the code to be able to see the event. In this case, we recommend you checking whether the organizer shared the Event code. And if so, it must be entered in the appropriate field.
    3. If nothing helps, please contact us.

  • How can I join the event on the second day?

    Please follow the same steps as on the first day.

  • Where can I email for another technical support?

    Please, feel free to contact us ycnega.enod-ti-teg%40troppus for any technical issues.

  • I can’t be present on the event day. Will be provided a recording of the event?

    Yes, each participant will receive all the recordings.Another questions you can read here.

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